We would like to state that we were impressed by the packaging. This idea of special holes and plastic clips is something that we have never seen before and it is absolutely remarkable! No nails, no hammers, no broken wood! Only a few seconds to open it! Ability to reassemble it again! Everyone was astonished and admired the Swedish level.

Philips and Whirlpool White Goods

The containers are used for transport of plastic- and metal components for microwave ovens from various sub-suppliers to our assembly plant. They circulate once a week and the first containers we employed have thus circulated more than 100 times, and we have not yet had to repair one single one of them - not even the pallets


Our factory is becoming more clean after we have changed to use Clip-Lok cases. Our head office in Japan is very pleased because there is not waste or leftovers to be destroyed and effect the environment. Up to now our Clip-Lok cases have been circulated more than 10 times and are still in use. The maintenance costs are very marginal. The important thing is our savings versus the old traditional cases which have been used only for one way.

Volvo Truck Components

We have a strict policy of not accepting wood in the production area due to problems with dust and splinter. Clip-Lok SimPak has solved this problem by using a tough, durable and washable phenol based film laminate (HDO) on their plywood.

Volvo Construction Equipment

The system has worked to our full satisfaction and we would like to highlight the following: Break even in the investment was achieved within the first year. We have boxes dating back to 1989 still in circulation . The packaging is now easier and we have gotten rid of the dangerous nailing guns. Service and maintenance are very easy with Clip-Lok. We would like to give Clip-Lok our recommendation and we plan to expand the use of Clip-Lok in the future.

Daimler Chrysler South Africa (Pty) Ltd

We have experienced costs for service and maintenance of the boxes of app. 2% of the box value per trip, which lives up to our expectations. Due to the manner in which the parts are clipped together, it is very easy to replace damaged parts and replace these with good parts.


Overall, we are very happy with the Clip-Lok packaging system, because of its long lifespan, the extremely tight fit of the boxes (no corrosion protection needed), the easy exchangeability and the substantial cost savings.

BAE SYSTEM South Africa

Clip-Lok is custom made and therefore always meets the exacting requirements of BAE Land Systems. Clip-Lok boxes are fully ISPM 15 compliant and can therefore be shipped to all parts of the world without restriction. We would heartily recommend Clip-Lok boxes to other companies who need packaging. BAE look forward to many more years of successful and mutually beneficial business with Clip-Lok.

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