Clip-Lok ReRack

Clip-Lok SimPak launches steel racks with rebuilding potential

ReRack – Steel racks made to be made again

We’re launching a completely new concept in steel racks this autumn. A patented product that makes it easy to rebuild steel racks based on new conditions. A solution that revolutionizes conditions in industries like automotive. Clip-Lok ReRack is a durable construction and is environmentally sustainable.


Redesign – Rebuild – Remake

Rebuilding steel racks when conditions change is a big challenge. It means grinding, cutting, welding, blasting and surface treatment at a cost that quickly exceeds what it costs to throw them away and buy new ones. ReRack’s ingenious design solves this challenge


Can be reused and re-galvanized

The unique steel corner construction means ReRack can be rebuilt – and reused multiple times. All you need is a manual, a locking shank and a spanner. It couldn’t be simpler. And there are more challenges you can solve using ReRack.


Many people coat their steel racks with paint instead of hot-dip galvanizing, which is preferable. Making adjustments on zinc requires welding or grinding. With ReRack you can easily galvanize. For example, if you want to keep the pallet part and modify the upper part, it can be galvanized separately and put together with the pallet through a unique bolt joint. It has superior corrosion resistance too”, says Gustaf Follin, VP Sales at Clip-Lok SimPak. He points out that surface treatment is done as per customer requirements.


Four reasons to choose ReRack

  • Rebuild steel racks multiple times without heat treatment
  • Galvanized steel racks can easily be modified or rebuilt
  • Standardized solution allows for a repeatable series production
  • Significantly reduces environmental impact


A new standard for transport packaging

Clip-Lok SimPak is a leading supplier of sustainable, cost-effective transport packaging. In the last year, we have increased our range of steel products which are practically indestructible. Our steel products have received great attention globally because they meet the high standards required in industries such as aviation and defense.


Clip-Lok ReRack is our third product, following on from the successful launches of Clip-Lok Steel Racks and Clip-Lok Combibox.



Want to know more?

Contact us for more information about our products.

Gustaf Follin

VP Sales


Tel: +46 (0)702-31 56 00


Steel Rack ReRack

Steel rack with ReRack corner implemented. It is possible to use the pallet as it is or with a corner post. It is possible to design the corner post with the pallet or separately.


Steel rack ReRack

Easy handling – ability to rebuild steel rack or easily replace worn parts


Steel Rack ReRack

To successfully operate a steel rack all you need is a spanner, locking shank and the manual


Steel Rack ReRack

Bolt joint with washer allows the steel rack to be subjected to hard handling


Steel Rack ReRack

The patented and unique ReRack corner made from weldable steel castings











































































































































A global supplier of sustainable transport packaging

Clip-Lok SimPak develops and sells transport packaging that reduces customers’ total costs and minimizes environmental impact. Our ambition is to create and further develop successful packaging solutions based on market needs. Many of our products are patented and have been awarded internationally. By using our products in the supply chain, our customers can contribute to a more sustainable society without compromising on high standards of protection and quality.


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