Returnable Transport Box

Clip-Lok patented collapsible reusable transport crates are easy to assemble. The strength and flexibility of the boxes ensure that your items are transported safely through the supply chain.

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The original, patented returnable Clip-Lok transport box consists of plywood panels held together with our original, detachable spring steel clips.

The collapsed crate is easily assembled without the use of tools, and once assembled, the crate is strong enough to be stacked up to 10 high as long as the total weight is no more than 15 tons. The reusable container can be flat-packed after use and will then take up close to 80% less space, thus minimising return costs.

Clip-Lok boxes save you time and money.


Our containers are designed and built to meet your requirements, optimise your packaging and reduce your logistics costs. By the help of our 3D design technology we design a box that meets all your specified requirements while taking into account your product, packaging process at both ends, handling, transport, storage etc.

The strength and flexibility of the Clip-Lok box and the customised dunnage ensure that your items are transported safely at the lowest possible cost.


Long-term cost savings

Since the introduction of the Clip-Lok reusable and collapsible wooden crate, hundreds of thousands of returnable units have been produced and shipped all over the world.

The design and the customised dunnage save logistics costs because of the way the box is reused and because of more effective packaging. The versatility and durability of the box have exceeded many of our customers’ expectations.




Clip-Lok boxes with GPS GPS%20small.jpg

Clip-Lok boxes can now be fitted with a small built-in GPS tracking device.
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Approved boxes Dangerous-goods_front.jpg

Clip-Lok boxes have obtained several UN approvals.
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Clip-Lok boxes are designed to match your needs. Dunnage is of high importance to achieve safe transport.
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