The Clip-Lok system is designed for you. No project is too small or too large.
The quality and design of the returnable plywood box and dunnage is of the utmost importance if you want to achieve strong, safe and sustainable packaging while minimising costs.

We customise our wooden crates according to your specifications. We will consider all possible issues and new opportunities to deliver a successful and integrated packaging solution with a maximum of protection. We are fully focused on the purpose of the box, its cost-effectiveness and on easy handling in the supply chain.

Thanks to technology we can swiftly provide you with a high quality sustainable and cost-effective export packaging solution. We provide you with the packaging design and cost calculations at an early stage in the process in order for you to be able to take logistics and budgets into account . 

To protect your items against vibration, dropping, pressure, stacking etc. we design the optimum shape and size to fit the products to be packed. We work with different kinds of dunnage, and we make sure that they are the right ones for the goods to be shipped.

Our experienced design teams will cooperate with you to meet your specific needs, and we take everything into account

  • Weight of product
  • Fragility and volume
  • Loading plan
  • Distance of transport
  • Mode of transport
  • Stacking requirements
  • Inner shelves etc. 

GPS Tracking

Goods need to be transported in strong, safe and secure packaging, but sometimes there is also a need to track the boxes through the supply chain. Clip-Lok boxes can be fitted with a small built-in GPS tracking device which allows the sender/receiver to monitor the progress and real time location of their goods.

The GPS tracking system which is traced by satellite can be monitored on an open webpage or by mobile cellular phone. With this feature you can either trace the Clip-Lok box by text message, where coordinates will be send to your mobile phone (which can be displayed on Google Maps) or you can choose to track it through a free web-based Live tracking page.

The GPS can be configured to meet your requirements. You can individually tailor the GPS system to meet various specifications, including an alert if the goods are set in motion, or it can send you messages hourly so that you can monitor its progress.

The GPS is equipped with a battery which can last up to several years. When the battery is low you will receive an alert, which enables you to change the battery while you are still able to locate the box!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

We can adapt RFID tags to our boxes for you to have the most modern tracking system and product data available on the market.

Logo and Printing 

All Clip-Lok boxes can be printed with item number, logo and text, etc. We customise printing according to your needs. Taking advantage of this service can aid your consignment through the supply chain.





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