Cost effectiveness

A company will always strive to reduce costs without compromising on quality and service.
By choosing a customised reusable collapsible packaging system instead of a one-way system, you can both cut down costs and optimise the flow in the supply chain.

Break Even

Depending on your current packaging system, you can achieve significant savings and pay-back on the investment in less than one year. The diagram shows a comparison between a one-way and returnable packaging system. By switching from  one-way packaging to the Clip-Lok reusable packaging system a break even can be achieved after just six trips.


 Cost Comparison

Based on more than 20 years experience, Clip-Lok has developed unique feasibility software programmes and can calculate the savings that your company can achieve through replacing a one-way packaging system with a returnable system. 

Clip-Lok offers reusable sustainable packaging systems which can cut down costs and, through customised design, optimise the flow in the supply chain - without compromising on quality.

Our returnable wooden crates contribute to early investment payback, often within six trips. Due to superior reliability and strength you will experience cost-efficiency with the Clip-Lok reusable packaging system. Furthermore, you will profit from our ability to customise returnable and one-way boxes and to adapt to changes in established product lines. 

The durability of the reusable packaging results in very low annual maintenance costs and the design ensures the best possible product protection. Clip-Lok has many advantages over other packaging systems.  

  • Reusable - typically over 100 transports with normal handling
  • Customised designs for optimal protection of goods
  • Stackable erect or flat packed, saving space and storage costs
  • Collapsible to minimize return shipping costs
  • No waste disposal costs at the end of each trip
  • Low cost maintenance with simple replacement of components
  • Ergonomic design for quick and easy assembly
  • Environmentally responsible


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