About Us

The Clip-Lok SimPak® Group is a global network of packaging companies and covers marketing, sales, client liaison and manufacturing on four continents. We have many years of experience in reusable packaging, and we provide customer support for international shipments at both the point of dispatch and on arrival. The Clip-Lok Group has provided packaging solutions for customers worldwide for more than two decades and we continue to build new relationships.


Over the years we have dealt with many exciting and challenging assignments and we support any industry. We have built up close cooperation with numerous sectors in which we have many years of experience:

  • Aeronautical
  • Armed forces
  • Automotive
  • Automotive components suppliers
  • Defense contractors
  • Ammunition/UN classified goods
  • High-Tech machinery
  • Tobacco
  • Roll and coils
  • Printed materials
  • And many more

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Production & distribution

Production and distribution of the Clip-Lok SimPak® system is undertaken throughout the group and secures the supply of boxes worldwide.

The original spring steel clips are manufactured according to the highest quality standards to ensure that requirements of strength and durability are always met, as is the case when it comes to our boxes.

By using Clip-Lok returnable boxes in your supply chain, you take responsibility and help bring about a greener society without compromising your standards.

Not only do we take responsibility for the materials used for Clip-Lok SimPak® boxes; we also take responsibility for quality. We guarantee our product against faulty workmanship from delivery of an order; any part which fails due to faulty material or faulty fabrication will be replaced free of charge. 

We are committed to providing excellent service to each and every customer.

  • All types of cargo is covered - from trucks to fruit to liquids
  • Customised programmes from box design to loading plan
  • Cases adapted to the customer's production lines
  • Demanding tests arranged in-house or carried out by official institutes
  • Incorporation of company logos and corporate colours


The Clip-Lok SimPak® system was developed in Canada in 1982 and patented in a number of countries on behalf of a Canadian company: HB Clip-Lok Industries Limited. Over the years the Clip-Lok name has been mixed up with other names such as e.g. Clip-Lock, Cliplock, Clip-Log and Clipbox but we still work under the name: Clip-Lok SímPak®.

Clip-Lok SimPak® International Limited acquired the company in November 1989 and, recognizing the value of the product, proceeded to extend patents and marketing worldwide. Patents and/or trade marks are now registered or pending in more than 70 countries. 

The Clip-Lok SimPak® global network is totally committed to the customer bases in their licensed territories. Markets differ in every area and the expertise of each team is specifically geared to tailoring designs to local requirements. However, supported by the global organisation, the teams also cooperate constantly on international programmes, ensuring customer support and quality control throughout the network.

Now firmly established worldwide, Clip-Lok International Limited was initially capitalised at €4 million and subsequently raised a further €6.5 million by means of a rights issue to allow it to expand internationally.




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